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Sit Ski


We have got an Adult and Junior Bi-Unique Bi ski with outriggers. 

You can book the instructor and gain access to this equipment to use during your lesson and time spent with the instructor.

Depending on your level of function you can ski yourself with the instructors help, on tethers or be bucketed around the mountain to experience the thrill of speed in complete control.

Mono ski

Currently we don’t have access to a Mono Ski to offer with lessons but if you have your own equipment and need an instructor to better your skiing or teach you how to ski, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Visually Impaired

Regardless of your level of vision, we can teach your to ski or help you improve your current level of skiing as well as guide you around the mountain to experience the best runs and snow.

This can be done with commands, following your instructor, coloured bibs, etc 

We will find out what works best for you and adapt this to your skiing and what you need.

Emily 1

3 & 4 Track

Currently outrigger equipment only available for children.

You can book your instructor and we can provide you with a Junior set of Outriggers if needed, reins, ski tip clips and spacer bars to help you master the slopes and feel the freedom of skiing on your own.


Learning Difficulties

Special needs, Learning difficulties, Autism, Dyspraxia and any other Learning Difficulties, we can help you learn to ski.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will find the best instructor for you.

To find out more, email us now or fill out our contact form. If you have a preference in instructor, please request in this enquiry and it will be passed onto them.